Orna Rottenberg
Owner and Creative Director

I am Orna, owner of Media Luna Studio, video creator, creative director and art director for recent years.

I love aesthetics, to bring out the beauty of the banal and daily things. I love to create new worlds, images and dreams with meticulous styling and enjoy investing in the small details and making every project I'm a part of, look unique and accurate for the client.

For me, Media Luna is a dream come true.
I came to Israel from Switzerland, and I always felt that I wanted to bring the European fragrance and uncompromising aesthetics to the country. I studied video in Bezalel and art in my undergraduate degree and I enjoy combining the knowledge I gained here in Israel with art and film with European aesthetics into the visual worlds that I create for every brand.

It is important for me to create a high-quality product that accentuates the uniqueness of the brand.
The studio specializes in creating a visual language that includes meticulous art and styling. The studio offers boutique video production services for Lifestyle brands, video clips for artists from a to z, and video and still photography creative packages for social networks.

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Claire Margat
Marketing Director

I am Claire, associate at Media Luna Studio, brand & marketing director.

From my experience as a Marketer for cosmetics, fashion and furniture brands, I noticed how much the comprehension of the brand, the respect of its identity and bounds is as important as the creative aspect for any content creation. 

My meeting with Orna, the complementarity of our skills and affinity led to a partnership in creating snack contents for brands advertisement. I can challenge Orna's creativity and skills while adding my marketer expertise in staging, shooting and post-production. 

My good comprehension of the company need, return on investment and performance tracking is also considered for any work initiative.